It seems that today all the shitty events that have been happening are finally taking a toll on me.

After i graduated my mother drug me up here to where im living now(after living in one place my entire life) i have no friends whatsoever, no one to play guitar with anymore. my mother is also undergoing radiation treatment for stomach cancer, her new boyfriend whom we moved up here because of turned out to be quite the alcoholic piece of work. since the company my mother was working for shut down we have barely any money, and i cant find a job here to save my life.

With shitty times in the past i used to be able to just shut myself up in my room and play guitar, but now since i found out i am anchoring my pinky to the guitar and thats terrible technique and needs to be changed i cant play anything like i used to be able to, which in turn leads to me being even more pissed off.

The music school i am goin to had a mix up and thought i was in the bachelors program when i am actually going into the associates, so due to that i completely missed my oppurtunity to leave last month for school in california where i wouldnt be going through any of this right now.

I know im being a complete whiner right now but it just seems that absolutely nothing is going my way lately, and i know things could get much worse, but they could also get a lot better. usually when i get pissed i lift weights but since my damn weight bench is sittin in the town i used to live and i have no gas money to go get it or money to get into the local rec center so thats out.

So i guess my question is what do you guys do to vent your anger?
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I either hit myself in the face (yes sounds stupid, but It gets rid of the anger, and no one can hear it, unlike hitting a wall) or just doing some karate, or any type of exercise relieves stress.. or sitting down, listening to music and just trying to let my mind go and not think about anything..
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I usually blast my amp real loud and totally have myself a geetar tantrum lol, or i just grab the acoustic and play some more suttle sounds to cool off.

Or I'll get shittered with my friends out somewhere in a bar, or go out in the middle of nowhere to blow stuff up in a fire, but i guess you dont have any friends there... And since you really seem depressed about your situtation alcohol is probably a bad idea.

you could take a trek out in the wilderness. i do that once in a while just for the **** of it, get geared up, get your supplies, a map and a compass leave your phone and any other technology at home and go out in the woods somewhere for a few days. Of course if you have no orienteering skills whatsoever then it could be a bad idea.

Idk, really just try and do something to get away from it all for abit, personally when it gets really bad, i like peaceful isolation and it gets better afterwards. Or try and keep yourself busy, boredom can REALLY be bad thing.
You dont need to go unanchored thats just BS spread by technique elitists. I know its less tension and in the long run blah blah, but i almost quit guitar entirely due to not being able to enjoy guitar playing.

EDIT: As for your question I just enjoy sitting back and blasting loud music, as opposed to playing music myself
I actually don't get angry very often. I just get frustrated, then I become melancholy, then I sit in despair and brood.
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You dont need to go unanchored thats just BS spread by technique elitists.

True true
buy mma gloves with what little money you have and find a friend whos as angry as you are and get him to do the same and fight
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Just do whatever makes you feel better. For me, I either blow up or bottle it up. Whatever you do, though, make it constructive. Anger and frustration are extremely difficult emotions to facilitate and turn into something useful...but the product gives me bitter/sarcastic gratification.
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Just go for a really nice long run with some br00tal metal to listen to

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