Loving the guitar melody, the singing seems abit quite but loving the solo.

But I was expecting a takemeaway part, with the slow playing I expected a load and heavy part but thats just me.

Overall really good for a rough demo better quality that our rough demo! What you using to record your stuff? How long you guys been together?

Just our song too if you want you can view it on my profile or follow this link

Our songs are differnt to your kinda music.

But overall very nice stuff guys, keep it up will be looking out for you guys.
in the final version there will be distorted pre choruses and choruses, we just kinda slapped this together so we could have something to listen to.

as for recording i'm using an m-audio fast track pro with Live 6 the bundle cost about 250 at guitar center and can sound even better than that with more tracks
this was done with 1 rhythm 1 solo 1 vocal and 1 bass

we've been together maybe 2 months we're posting another song tomorrow
and hopefully 2 more within the next 2 weeks

and a more professionally produced versions of the 4 songs hopefully by christmas
It sounds really rough. It sounds like Alice in Chains for sure though. I could see myself listening to it if you guys added in the drums, made the bass louder, and fixed the guitar's tone. The song structure seemed pretty decent, and I liked the solo. Other than that I can't give anymore advice.

That was pretty cool, but as a hard rock musician and fan, i would have added a really cool rock n roll part with a John Bonham drumming and a epic riff, right in the middle of the solo, then continued the singing with a electric rythm! But thats only my opinion.

Sorry about that, I liked the singers voice alot its pretty relax, the chords were pretty cool. The solo was sounding cool also !

Try get it heavier, and that could be a masterpeice, to my ears.

C4C? its in my signature

Keep up the good work guys!
Very nice, it flowed very well, the lyrics fit the sound of the song perfectly. And good voice, really good voice. The only couple of things I would crit is that the vocals need to be louder, and you need some electric guitar in there, I would go for a more overdrive sound, instead of a real heavy distortion, so you dont break the emotional feel of the song, just enough overdrive to break up the quietness of the song. Really good job.

Crit mine?
I liked it. I really liked the guitar, I, as everyone else does, just think you should get really heavy at some point. With a bitchin' riff. And tear that house down. That was good though.