As the title says I have a few questions to ask

1) Ok, so my computer chair keeps going down on its own for some reason. I checked the weight rating, and its rated for like 250 lbs., and i weigh around 195-200. Ideas on fixing it?

2) Is there a proper way of holding a microphone? See, the band is in the studio recording an EP, and when I do my end of vocals, I tend to hold the mic around the top with the cord wrapped around my arm, and everybody is sayin' I'm holding it wrong.

3) This ones for the girls, or just really knowledgable UGers-- Where do ya get those fake ear-rings, you know, those basic hoop ones that clip on? I've checked everywhere from the dollar store to the local jewelery store. ( Because I'm not letting my ex-wife get my 2 year daughter's ears pierced.)
1. lock it in place by putting the handle in the slot, probably.

2. hold it to your mouth, directly - better, use a stand and spitguard. That way you have less to worry about, and can concentrate solely on singing.

3. loads of places like accessory shops (i'm not gay )
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