then youve been duped.

like i was.

I dont know about you but i feel so ****ed over, you vote for someone expecting for something to change and it stays the same.

Sen. Obama- get out of NAFTA, controll the spending, get out of Iraq(hahahhaha), punish wallstreat wich is laughable hes got the most pro wallstreat administration ever, we dont even know what happened to most of the money in the "stimulus" package.

Pres. Obama- **** you

It really makes you feel like voting dosent really do anything, why vote when it isnt ganna change a god damn thing.

what the **** do we as a people have to do to change things for the bettor.

if you feel this president hasnt delivered in the War in Iraq, making more jobs, punishing the wallstreet fat cats and other stuff like that just repost this.

it feels like were in 1984.

The news tells you jobs are being lost everyday, over and over, people loose jobs everyday. yet they say the reccesion is over and were already recovering 4 months after the "stimulus" package. der der der der.


How can OBAMA, CNN, FOX NEWS, TIME etc, say were recovering when shit just keeps on hitting the fan everyday with evidence all around us. its like having two facts in your head that you know are facts but they conflict each other.

this is just a thread for pissed off obama voters. get the steam out.

if you voted for the man and you feel he hasnt delivered post it right here.

Stop trolling.
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im just saying man you know.

i bet theres alot more people who voted for him who feel like i do.

if you dont like this post just dont post, piss off, you dont have to be on here