I want to get rid of my computer, it has a mother board and a screen. I would rather have something small like a labtop. The highest i would spend is 100 bucks, i would like to just browse websites. lime wire and itunes and internet.

Will the labtop be slow?
I don't know what computers you have been looking at, but anything under $100 will be really slow.

Also, this isnt the right forum to ask about computers. We have a thread dedicated to computers, over in the pit. link Try asking over there. This forum is for member introductions, and for users to ask questions about the site.

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lime wire and itunes

Will the labtop be slow?


But, to actually contribute somewhat, a computer under $100 won't even RUN any of those things. I bought an EeePC for $250 and I love the crap out of it. It handles iTunes better than my Mac ever did.

Also, when you buy a new computer, on the list of things you should do with it, "installing Limewire" comes right after "set it on fire."
A computer under $100 is useless and unlikely ot even turn on. Basic for a good laptop is around $400 -500 where i live. (Long Island Suburbs NY)

I use a HP DV2000 Artist Imprint Edition for that kind of stuff (dont use limewire though) and its always been perfect for me, nice big harddrive, wireless G plus ethernet and a decent sized screen and keyboard.

That said any computer you get will have a motherboard, it wouldnt be a computer without one. Also, without a monitor how would you even see anything? Normally id say troll but i dont think thats teh case here, probably just not experienced with computers or something idk. (Im a power user so ask if you need help, got several $2000+ machines over here that i partially built)
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