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26 84%
5 16%
Voters: 31.
What I mean by that is, which do you usually write first.

For me, the music usually comes first, because I find it easier to write lyrics to the music I write.

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Whatever comes first... I got lyrics, I got music - half of it doesnt go together.. the other half needs to be adapted to go with the other, and all of it depends on how creative my mind wants to be that day.
Yeah we need an "either" option. I'm not a big writer, but I've written songs both ways.
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Well I write the music as I write the lyrics.. I imagine and write down the melody and the things that surround it just add themselves.
paramore Bellz
Always music first, I've never been great at lyrics
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sometimes I will get the notes down for the lyrics so I will hum then later get words to go with it. It has to fit though.. I wont hum something for a phygrain feeling song and say "all the pretty ponies trot around like this, all the pretty ponies trot around like this"... although that might make a cool song kind of like "BEER IS GOOD BEER IS GOOD"
Quote by pigeonmafia
Always music first, I've never been great at lyrics

I'm sorta the opposite, although I also write music first. However, I do it because I'm better at writing lyrics than music. The first songs I wrote really sucked because I wrote the lyrics first, and then added music, but I'm getting a lot better focusing on the music.
Both come to me at once in a sort of vague way.
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Quote by darkwolf291
It's a combo of both for me

I'll be saing something in my head, I'll lay a few chords, sing it, change it, change the rhythm, experiment with timing/phrasing, start all over again, think it's shit, throw it out..

that's about what I do..
Quote by pigeonmafia
Always music first, I've never been great at lyrics

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With me it's lyrics. I don't know why but when I feel like there is something to be written down, it has to be done at that moment while I'm thinking of it. Coming up with the chords and having the type of structure I want to go along with it gets hard for me sometimes.

Mostly because I'm the type that likes to be satisfied with what's done, but other than that; I have written 10 pages of lyrics (all different) and I don't feel weird reading them the next day, or the next week which used to happen to me.
For me is music.
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I've always wanted to write lyrics but don't know how. So I just write riffs and improvise on solos, but never remember em.
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