Hey everyone , first post here and looked like this would be the best place to ask this type of question. The main question I am asking is what would be better for my style of play?

I want a generally good clean sound , I have a JSX 2x12 combo so when I say clean , I mean the guitar itself. I won't have a problem getting clean sound from my amp. Also on the other side of the coin I want to be able to really cut in when I have to and have a really bright yet driven high gain setting.

I haven't played either to be honest because I am away on work , but I will demo both when I get home. I want to kind of see what the rest of you think just so my homework is done.

I know that the VB401 has the emgs in it and thats what is making my decision hard . It isn't being produced any more and it is the last one in Edmonton so I have to be quick on it too. The PRS , from all of my research seems to be a real leader in the mid-priced baritones and it being a model designed by someone who plays the same sort of music I do it has me thinking more on that side too.

So any info would be great , I already play on an L.T.D EC 400 AT so Im used to that brand (heavy guitars) . My main thing is that is has to have a killer clean sound plus tonnes of definition in the high gain.

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well the clean sound of emgs are very clean .. like in a sterile surgical sort of way. some like it some dont. it wont have that vintage flavor or ducky sound that traditional pickups tend to have wich could be a plus or a minus depending on the sound your going for.

esp/ltd are starting to become the leaders in baritone guitars however i see more and more people using them and they have several artist signature series baritone models so i would say it is a safe bet.

prs makes amazing guitars but i allways found that thier non elite models(less then $1200) dont sound or play as good as similerly priced guitars from other brands.
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I use a Viper myself and love it, but I would recommend the PRS MM. It's been getting huge praise lately from users. I imagine it would sound better for clean tones while sounding really thick and angry with high gain.
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cool!! Thanks! Also , the more I look and the more I think about my styles the Custom Se 24 pops up alot I really love Chevelles (Pete Loeffler) material. Im pretty sure he has a strat baritone.

Is there a difference in the Mike Mushok Model from the SE 24 other than the the frets and the fact the MM is baritone.Further more what would be most suitable tuning for the 24 considering the extra two frets?? If I can tune to B at the lowest to around C# would that make the 24 a more suitable choice.

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Quote by trinity_project

Is there a difference in the Mike Mushok Model from the SE 24 other than the the frets and the fact the MM is baritone.
In the end all I really do is babble.....

Probably the finish. The sig finishes usually aren't avail on the regular models.
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