We are a heavy metal band called Bleak Dawn based around Essex, looking for a Metal vocalist. (Screaming/Harsh growls) and bassist.

We've been playing together for around 2 years now with some good performing experience behind our belts.

We've just recently had our singer leave due to wanting to go seperate ways in genres of music.

Vocal style that we're looking for can be anything like Machine Head (Robb Flynn), Shadows Fall (Brian Fair), Lamb Of God (Randy Blythe), Meshuggah (Jens Kidman), Unearth (Trevor Phipps), Devildriver (Dez Fafara) etc.
Melodic singing is a plus, but not completely necassary.

For bass, we are using 7 strings, so a 5 string bass will be needed. Technical styles are muchly prefered as we ran into problems before with our former bassist unable to keep up, causing him to reluctantly leave.
Preference of finger picking or using a pick is not an issue.

We already have some material written, but we are after a fresh start to get running in the local gig circuits again.

Any age around 16-25. The band has an age of 16-18 but we're all mature and will work with anyone.

Check out our myspace, although its outdated at the moment.

Any questions, feel free to ask and we'll be more than happy to answer them for you.


Max Godman - Bleak Dawn
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