Just wanted to show off my new guitar... Its an Epi Les Paul Classic with a black trans finish and chrome hardware. It plays great and the action is nice and low and heavenly. It sounds good too...

I found a great deal on it through my friends music shop. HE also had a Gibson Les Paul Studio for sale, but dollar for dollar this Epi was a much better deal. And in all honesty, I feel this Epi played better and felt better in my hands then the Gibson. So..

But heres the pics...

Looks great! I have an Epi Les Paul Standard and it's awesome. The only thing I'd change on yours would be the knobs, but I don't know what I'd use in place of them :-/
Wow, that thing is really nice looking. Happy new guitar day. I wish I had a les paul.

HNGD! Enjoy it!

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Looks great! I have an Epi Les Paul Standard and it's awesome. The only thing I'd change on yours would be the knobs, but I don't know what I'd use in place of them :-/

I know what you mean. The gold top hat knobs are fine on a black painted guitar, but they don't quite look right on the trans top. However, speed knobs would look way out of place. Maybe black solid colored top hat knobs?
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Wow, very nice, you don't see that kind of finish much. HNGD!
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Oh god damn, I've been wanting a black burst LP for years. I never knew Epi made some.

Good catch.
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That's a pretty nice finish, the trans black. How much did it cost from your friend's shop?

and also were you thinking of changing the pickups?
This guitar is actually a couple of years old. I remember them making the trans black burst a few years back, but from everything I have seen now they have been discontinued. At least in the Classic model anyway.

But the pickups are stock from what I can tell. I havent pulled them out or anything, but they sound about like normal Epi buckers, so Im assuming they are. I actually quite like the sound of them though. I played it through a Crate V8 Palomino and it sounded really sweet, but on the Cube 15X I tried it through as well it wasnt real pretty, so Idk... But as for right now Im going to leave the stock pickups in it.

Yeah, Im a little put off by those amber knobs as well. They just look slightly out of place. But I do agree that speed knobs would look hideous on it. I may look for some trans black bell knobs like these and see how that looks on it, but thats not a huge bother on me right now.

As for the price, I picked this up for $250. From what I've seen and remember, these ran about $550-$600 new a couple years ago, so if they still sold new today Im guessing they would probably be somewhere around $700, and this guitar really is like new, so I think I got a good deal. lol
250$? Damn, dude.

Local music shops rule for low prices. you got real lucky :P

as for those pickups, id leave em on for a while and see if the buzzing comes in.

i love new guitar day. they should make it a calandar holiday. (it would be a good excuse to get more guitars!)
I am definatly seconding a calender new guitar day! Imagine the sales!!!!!

Throw some strat knobs on there! It would be amazing :P:

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good catch man $250 is a great price, a pawn shop near where i live has he same guitar for $500, HNGD
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That's very good looking. Wicked price, also. HNGD!
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Love the guitar hope you play it proud not a huge fan of the knobs though grab some chrome or gold ones and lob them on their.
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That thing looks awesome, HNGD. I would seriously think about getting a decent Epi LP sometime myself but personally I can't stand Epi LP headstocks, they're one of my most hated parts of any guitar ever. Don't get me wrong though great guitar man, congratz.
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HNGD! beautiful guitar!congrats!
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Damn, it looks awesome!

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