Hmm, I don't like your singer, his voice doesn't really blend in if you ask me.

I like your surf track though, do more in that style!

btw did I mention I don't like your singer?
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This Last Flight:

I really like this song and acctully like your singer, its differnt and the songs are easy listening compared to alot of stuff ive heard on UG forums.

The recordings are abit weird but better records will come with better equipment, Della falls sounds good untill the solo comes in... the recording mix needs work on but overall good stuff guys.

Thanks for the crit on our song.

Cya around
Listened to Good Times Are Gone.

Really liked the guitar parts, great chords and tone, sounds awesome. The singer sounds like he was struggling with it. I kinda like his voice and I could see it working, but it seemed restrained and held back. Also he needs to come up in the mix. Drums and bass wouldn't hurt either. Overall cool tune with great guitar, just gotta work out everything else.