kind of a mix of the style I used on my last song mixed with my usual style of lead riffing. the breakdown and vocal break obviously sound better with the vocals. I'll try to get it recorded as soon as I can so you can get the complete picture. the transitions work, but not in GP.
listening as i crit
i like the beginning, it catches the listener, i couldn't help but rock with it
the next part sounded ambient and cool, i like the talk and response of the guitars
awesome chorus, i liked part two also
dual acapella screaming lol, nice
the outro was okay, it didn't add or take away from the song
honestly, i thought the transitions worked in guitar pro, which would ensure the fact that they work in a real recording, because guitar pro doesn't do justice at some parts

i would love to hear this if you ever record it
could you crit mine?
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