Im fairly new to this forum, and Im really looking to get some feedback on my band (Im the Lead Guitarist Ryan Miller). We've been together for a few months now.

Vicious Cycle and Lost are probably our 2 better sounding songs.

We're currently looking for a new singer. Our other guitarist Tyler has been singing in the meantime. So if anyone knows somebody who would be interested in the Northern New Jersey area please have them contact me either here or through our Myspace

Hoping to find someone soon. We've got 4 songs ready for the studio.

Thanks for checking us out, for those who have.
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You Guys Kick Ass ! Seriously, very professional and sick riffs !
I expected shitty skater-punk. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice work. I like the singer's voice a lot. Good riffs too.

My Dad's from Hackettstown too.
wow your dude needs to scream more. the singer is really boring to be honest. No range at all. And the screams are nothing spectacular, they just sound better than the singing.

If you want you're band to sound better, drop the singer and just have straight screaming. Then you'd be metal. But as of now, I wouldn't consider this "metal" Drop the singer and you'd be fit for some brutal shows.

also the name is really lame. really lame.
PM me about logos and merch

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