http://www.music123.com/Tone-in-Progress-Third-Hand-Expression-Pedal-150146-i1175542.Music123 (just you know the exact pedal I'm talking about)

I'm really interested in the possibilities this could open up for me. I already turn down the depth to the left on my BF-2 and play with the manual knob and do things like that on my Digitech Synth Wah, so being able to play with those knobs while playing would be amazing for me. I know it voids the warranty on your pedals and that's not an issue for me, but I have heard that it's not too well built. Can anyone give their own experiences with this and safely recommend it for me?
I don't see how it would void the warranty...

I mean, you're just taking a knob off, and pressing that thing down. It comes right back off, and you can put the original knob back on...

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I'm pretty sure Paul Gilbert uses/has used this before.
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I'm pretty sure Paul Gilbert uses/has used this before.


And I don't just want this because Paul used it (even though this video is where I first saw the pedal). I mean, I could use this as a volume pedal for my distortion pedal, tons of flanger, synth wah, delay, etc. tricks... So many possibilities this could open up!

And I've only heard it can void the warranty for a pedal. Never heard anything from Boss or anything, just random commentators.
[BurnTheDusk] on here had one that broke so he'll be able to help you more.
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