I've lately been learning how to do death-growl, "cookie monster" vocals, and for the most part it's working well, except I'm not satisfied with the sound of my growls. They just aren't deep enough, like theyre deep but not George-Fisher deep like I want them to be. I can't see what I'd be doing wrong, I push from my diaphragm, I drink water before I start and I contort my mouth into all kinds of different shapes but I can't seem to get that super-deep death growl that is so awesome. Any advice???

Some things to note, I'm 6'1, 166 pounds and hit puberty quite a few years ago so that isn't a factor, my voice is pretty deep naturally, like when i talk but yet I can't really get super low death growls, if anyone could help me fix the problem it'd be appreciated
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dont drink water, you need to temporarily damage your vocal cords. drink like pop and eat skittles and pretzels. works pretty good, let the others comment on my input
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sounds obvious, but practice screaming to bands that use low growls mostly. You've got to figure out where to send the sound out of your throat and mouth as well as your diaphragm

I personally found tht practicing mid-ranged screams (august bruns red, after the burial) ended up helping my low tone very much.

A Great low screamers I look up to is the vocalist from Job For A Cowboy

After a couple of years of practice my scream had changed quite drastically and by now my lows are something i am proud of.

practice, practice, practice

I just remembered acacia strain was a good band to scream to when i started gettin the hang of how screaming should actually sound (even though he uses some effects, its how he says the lines)

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well, there are limits to how low you can go :P
why do u think Glen Benton and Chris Barnes sound different from each other?
just keep practising and just refine your growling for now, especially if you are a beginner

and cookies. i LOVE cookies.
There is an only growling/screaming sticky thread here and in the metal forum.

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