I haven't written anything in weeks, and then I sat down today, and a flood of inspiration washed over me.
I didn't take the time to organize these spurts, so I just wrote them down and did a quick overview, so it might be rough.

Please enjoy!
And, of course, C4C!


He feels the eyes of a thousand nations
Staring at his secret
He panics.
A scream jumps off his lips
He leaves rubber behind.
And many puzzled spectators.

Lock, click, turn.
His isolation has begun.
The floorplanks were his enemies
The chandelier was a spy.
A climb he began
To escape from those thousand nations
And their ever watching eyes.

Ghosts of goblins
Ever haunting him through
Drinking glasses, birdbaths, black spaces.
He saw their faces everywhere.
Faces stricken with disbelief
At what a horrible tragedy had occured.
Oceans roared and spat up
Eager to kill what had ruined
The rhythm of the perfect clockwork.

Reinforcements lowering
Suicides ran rampant through his ranks
He thundered at the proposal of surrender.
Death before dishonor is the key
The motto he used to
Sing himself to sleep
And to give him the courage
To rise up in the morning

Cornered, his backbone threatened.
He searched for his disappearence act.
He looked
And begged
And there! Deus ex machina!
One final calorie burnout
One final leap
Scaling the enemies' ranks
Until he reached the spy.
He gave his farewells
A final salute.
And dropped down
Letting the fibers
Break his fall.

Deus ex machina.
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