Just wondering for those of you that hold the pick between your thumb ad index finger as most people do, does your index finger ever hit off the string? I used to strum with my thumb, index and middle finger holding the pick but I've decided to at least learn to strum the 'normal way' as I single note picking feels better that way. But my index constantly hits that tucked behind the string constantly hits the strings which doesnt sound write. And also the pick on the upstoke doesnt feel right I actually cant get that flexibility I got when using T, I and M fingers. It feels too stiff and jaggedy......

BTW this is relevant to acoustic guitar
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Leave the entire tip of the pick sticking out to keep the fingers from hitting?
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Curl your index finger more, it shouldn't be sticking out at all. When you strum, it's a flick of the wrist motion, as if you're flicking water off your hands. Don't pivot from the elbow.
no matter how much i curl it, it still seems to hit onf the strings. I feel a lot more comfortable strumming with my middle, index and thumb (because thats how I started off doing it) holding the pick but i figure its better learning the other way as thats how I like to pick. I just cant get as smooth a rhythm though........
I'd say go back to using thumb, middle, and index. There's no set way to hold a pick. Hold it however you think it's comfortable.
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