Hey everyone, first post here.

I recently picked up a Univox hi-flier phase 1 custom. It is fantastic. The only problem I'm having is when I run it through my DS-1, and turn it on, I get an earshattering screech from my tube amp (Vox AC4TV).

I can only play through the pedal if I have the distortion and level turned down to like 9 o'clock (they are both usually on 3 o'clock), but there is no point because I lose all my tone at those settings. Or I turn down the amp volume to basically nothing, but then I lose all my clean volume.

I changed out the battery in the DS-1 3 times thinking that was the problem. Nope, made no difference.

Are the pickups too hot in this thing or something? Using the neck instead of the bridge pickup does not fix the problem. I have a mustang with hot rails in the bridge and this problem has never happened to me before.
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