I have a Mesa Dual Rec (3 channel with some mods blah blah)

and well the tubes in it are 4 years old and well gigged..so are kinda lacking that punch they once had (iv only just got the amp but the guy who owned it before me said it will sound even sweeter when retubed)

i play quite heavy rock...not like death metal crap
but i do like a huge rawwwwwing tone to melt peoples faces

what do you suggest i check out?

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Depending on what's already in the amp (EL34s or 6L6s are common) that's what you gotta put back in, just new ones obviously. Don't go looking for expensive crap, you'll just waste cash. Groove Tubes makes pretty decent tubes as far i know.
Honestly Mesa's tubes are some of the best I've ever played. I'm not fond of throwing in replacements, such as Groove Tubes, or JJ tubes. If they aren't microphonic I wouldn't see any need to replace them, but my ideal tone most likely differs from yours.

Basically, there's two kinds of power tubes, 6L6 and EL34. 6L6's have more bass response. EL34's have more mids and the compression is... spongier? I lack a better word.
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Quality wise, JJs and Tung Sols are the best (incidentally, the best sounding too, IMHO). Groove tubes are russian tubes that the SovTek factory rejects and then sells to groove tubes. One of my friends had the little pan the fires the getter inside the tube fall off and short the tube out.

Output transformer lit on fire due to massive arcing. It was also 110 degrees on stage, so that didn't help, but still.

I've thrash-tested just about every brand I can get my hands on, JJ and Tung Sol are the most reliable.
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thanks for some brands for me to look into
it has 6l6 Mesa tubs in it atm still from the factory

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still looking
whats best for life span?

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some advice i got from a guy

I recommend - 6L6 winged C, 12AX7 Tungsol for positions 2,3,4 & 5. Use ecc83JJ GOLD for the V1 position.

Electro Harmonix 5U4GB for the rects (mesa use EH, brand them and charge more).

What you all think?

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(mesa use EH, brand them and charge more).

What you all think?

EH rebrands their tubes and charges more too :P:
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Hey ive got a marshall DSL401 and one of the pre-amp tubes is starting to get microphonic . 2 of the pre amp tubes are marshall Ec83's from the factory and the other 2 are sovtek 12ax7's , the one that is getting microphonic is a marshall ec83 , Should i replace all of them with sovtek's or just the one getting microphonic?
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got my winged c power tubes through today
next question!!
should i put them in now
OR wait until i have the preamps tubes as well and just put all the new tubes in together?
I don't think it matters but I'm not an amp tech.

Personally, I like to do them separately so I can hear the tonal changes of each. (power vs pre)

If your owners manual does not mention anything - then I think it is safe to say it is OK.
Maybe ill make a little before and after tone video shove it on youtube and see what u all think

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