I'm trying to sing while playing the bass and in my quest I noticed something... Is there a reason most metal bassist vocalists (or at least all I know) play bass with a pick? I mean you have Steve Harris and Cliff Burton but then again they're not vocalists. On the other side, Lemmy, Tom Araya, Gene Simmons, Troy Sanders and Jason Newsted when he sang live, they all play with picks. Is it just a coincidence or is there a reason behind it?

Also any tips on singing while playing would be much appreciated.
its a matter of prefrence
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most people use picks for bass to play faster and whatvever...I doubt theres a reason whyonly singer bassists use picks. I prefer play base with ym fingers way more but thats personal preference. And sing to the song but play only the most important notes in the song (so really simple it down and sing to it and then eventaully try the whole thing)
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Well, a lot of bassist/vocalist guys started out as guitarists, and switched over when forming a band, and just carried the pick over from guitar so the learning curve was greatly lessened. Although there are a few fingerstyle bassist/vocalists in metal, like Ross Dolan, Ron Royce, and Arthur von Nagel. And Troy switches between pick and fingers.
most metal bassists use picks because it gives you a harsher sound.

And tips for singing and playing? I don't really know, How long have you been playing?
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they are probably also guitar players. also, its a little easier to play chunky fast rhythms with a pick and you can play agressivly without being tough on the fingers. although im sure theyèd get used to it if they stopped using the pick. i guess you could ask why most guitar players use a pick too. im not even sure how the idea of holding something in your hand to pick the notes instead of your fingers even came about. but i use on anyway.

anyways, as for tips its just like anything: practice. just start with simple root note stuff and simple patterns and work your way up. you just have to get used to doing both.
Singing and playing bass is probably done the same way as singing and playing guitar. Practice.

And I think pick because it's more up and down movement, less fingers? And different sound.
I wouldn't know... I think its just a coincidence that these guys that sang preferred a harsh sound.

As far as singing and playing goes, try to learn the song on bass and vocals separately, then I like to work on it very slowly. Play it at like 60 bpm and sing. If you still cant do it, break it down into syllables.
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Probably a coincidence, doesn't really matter anyway man, play the way the sounds good to you.
Tip on singing and playing: PRACTICE. That is all.

This is the response anyone on this forum will give you about improving at anything. And it's always so true.
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Here's a hint for playing while singing: try to figure out how the bass line and vocal melody fit together.

For example, take Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 by Pink Floyd

The first two bars of the tab have just the bass line, while the last two have the bass line and vocal melody if you wanted to play them both at the same time (without tapping). It should be easy to see where the vocal melody has a note the same time as the bass and when it has a note between the notes of the bass line. I should also point out that the bass is in drop D tuning.