Alright before my budget was low, but after some stuff finally selling I'm going to take a plunge and buy some higher end stuff.
I've narrowed it down to two. I love the sounds on both, but I'm wondering which will :
1.) Keep it's value, I've heard of people buying expensive amps and having to return them numerous times, this goes wrong, then that.
2.) Resale value, If I ever decide to upgrade to something else. Which would have better resale value.
3.) Give me larger tonal range.(only have heard demos, none which really messed around with controls, mainly just showed 3 channels)

I've heard both of these amps, I think they both sound great. I'd be quite happy with either. Just wondering your suggestion off my 3 points.

Dear god.. I need to get some sleep or just stop being special. My apologies



Once again, so sorry.
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I'd go with option #3.
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They are both excellent amps.

The Vox, however, IMO, is more useable because the overdriven tones are superior to the Fender. But if you want clean headroom or play gigs, the Fender is definitely the one to go for.

In terms of resale value, Fenders Hot Rod Deluxe's go on sale all the time on ebay - check for yourself.

I don't understand what you are saying in 1) Are you worried it will break down? Valve amps need servicing once a year, if you do that, there should be no reason it will "break down". Tubes may blow or start fading, but that's the nature of the amp.

The Vox, if you don't use pedals, will give you a largar array of tones.

Like I said, if you want clean headroom and use pedals as your distorted tones, get the Fender. If you want more versatility at lower volumes, get the Vox.