Every time I play, after 10 or so seconds my pick's tip will turn and face left. (I am a right handed player btw). Or sometimes my thumb will slide out in front of the pick a lot more than it should be. Either way, my pick is slipping between my fingers.

This is not the first time though.

Last time this happened I switched from three fingered to two fingered picking technique, and my pick kept slipping. I solved it with new picks (i love the gator grips..)

This time, I just switched from anchoring my hand to unanchoring, and my pick is slipping again! Its fine when its anchored but when unanchored my gator grips, tortexes, w/e will slip through my fingers.

Obviously it isn't a pick problem now. When I unanchor I feel the strings pushing back more as noted in the sticky, so could that be the reasoning for this? Will it stop by itself once I get used to it or something? idk its just frustrating that I had the problem, fixed it, switched techniques and have the same problem again.
I had the same problem when i first started playing man, instead of buying new picks all i did was took the cheap picks i had and hole-punched them in the center...it is insane grip for a cheap pick with a simple solution, eventually you get used to how you like the feel of your pick.

anymore i bend my picks slightly along my thumb just so they will stay and for comfort
Glues stick work, or superglue some ultra fine sandpaper or a bit of steel wool.

Or just start of slowly getting used to playing unachored, you know the whole walk don't run... You play guitar I know you've heard that before :P

actually im at 1 and a half years of playing, and have never ever had a grip problem till last month.. Last month is also when I started breaking all the bad habits I had picked up too though. apparently i was so busy breaking bad habits now I can't even hold a pick right? have no clue what might be wrong, but thanks for the tips.
It seems like you're just adjusting to new picking styles, give it time and it should work out. If I don't get to play for a while, I like to take some incense and burn a hole in there for some extra grippage or just bend them out of habit, Clay has the right idea there.
well if its the result of not anchoring, you need to look at your hand position, cause its now changed. you're sloping you're pick at too much of a downward angle. i had the same problem. try to make it a little more parallel with the strings..a small change will make a world of difference.
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Thumbpicks. That is all.
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Had this Problem when i first started the best way i found of getting round it was when your pick starts to slip bend the end of your Index finger and instead of playing with the tips of your finger against the pick use the end of your finger and the end of your thumb
to do this make the OK Sign used by divers slide the index finger down slightly to the whole left or right side depending on your playing hand is touching your thumb then put the pick between your index and your thumb and if you make a fist proceed to do so or if you play with straight fingers your in position already
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Brain pics!!
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Ughh, sand grips don't work. The pick still slips tries to bring my entire top layer of my skin with it. ouch.

And midnight reaper, thanks, but im having a hard time understanding what you're saying

This has been going on for days and its still slipping and its reallly ticking me off. Recently i playing anchored again because it doesn't slip that way. >.<
I used both of those you mentioned before I unanchored and they worked fine, but they slip everywhere as well when i did unanchor. i figure i must be doing something else wrong than
the type of pick. The type of pick is not the problem, im sure of it.
duck tape - solves any problem

Ive been having this problem lately when I do a lot of acoustic strumming. Im about to duck tape half of my pick and see what happens
When I had this problem I practiced moving the pick back into the correct position while playing without stopping. It sounds a bit strange but now when I am playing and the pick suddenly moves in a couple of strumms it is back where it should be.
Necropost or not, I think the easiest way to solve this is to just take a knife and carve a grid of x's on the pick. That way you get to use your favourite plectrum, but you get much more grip.
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^Either that or tape it up with some athletic tape.

I use Snarling Dogs Brain Picks. No issues with slipping when you use those They're nylon though, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea.
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i changed to smaller sized picks and that fixed the problem, at least for me.
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Tortex picks. Worked for me...

Same here, its all I use now. They almost feel as though they are covered in talcum powder but without the powder if you know what I mean.
I couldn't find these yet, but they seem pretty interesting:

I've read somehere that these will have a carbon fiber version as well...
Anyone knows if it's true?
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