I have an epiphone les paul standard plus top. It was my first guitar so i really didnt know much bout guitars when i got it.

I really like the les paul like sound, but its playability and wheight make me like to play on other guitars cuz its easier.

What guitars sound balsy as les pauls but are lighter and more playable?

(in terms of neck, action, fret height, etc)

I just want some sugestions so i can try those.

oh btw maybe max to spend would be about 700 dollars or something, dont push it too far
Hagstrom Swede or Super Swede. The weight is about the same, but the playability is much better.
Put P90s in it.

Balls-to-the-wall pups. Or look into a custom set from RockMonkey, Bareknuckle, or Wolftone. Frailin also makes great pickups, but they're really expensive.

STREDIT: Ah, curse me for skimming. Hagstrom Swedes are great guitfiddles, and I have a thing for hollowbody Epiphones.. and the Ibanez ART series.


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Hagstrom Swedes are great guitfiddles, and I have a thing for hollowbody Epiphones

The Hagstrom Viking Deluxe is also a great hollow body. It's about $50 out of your price range though.
hey. i never heard of those artz series before. Those prs i want to try but i dont know any place in my country that sells prs :\ im from portugal

I guess il try those.

but btw i dont think p90s are good for my genre, i play mostly metal lol mainly metallica =P same for hollow bodys (i think?)

How's the neck and the action on the guitars mentioned here?
Ah, well, if that's the case, then maybe look into a used Jackson Dinky, Ibanez Prestige, or ESP Eclipse.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

hmm thanks, and what bout Dave Mustaine's VMNT, that white one?

also my next guitar must be white, really lol ... it makes me liek im starting from zero , it feels good lol.
Get a Parker P-42. You can find them on eBay for about $400 or $500; great guitars, especially if you like not-chunky necks.
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the dinky looks really cool, what do you think bout it?

Is the action and the neck good?
Doenst it sound thin compared to a les paul?

My next guitar has to be white ,or silver white, or something white lol