ok ive decided its time to upgrade my amp, i play through a Crate GT1200 right now
I mainly play Megadeth and Killswitch Engage, and this amp doesnt have the sound i want. i play an Ibanez RG370dx gp3, and an ESP Kh-202...i play at home and DO NOT GIG, im looking for an amp that would help me achieve the killswitch and megadeth sound, but am looking to spend $500 or less

any suggestions?
Ampeg VH140c
Peavey Ultra Plus
Peavey XXX
Peavey VTM
Peavey Butcher
Red Bear Amps MK60
Sovtek MIG
Marshall MA series (when they come out)
Crate GT3500H Shockwave

You can find any of these (excluding the MA series; particularly the Ultra Plus and XXX) on eBay for less than $500 at any given moment.
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so definitely stay with a half stack even though i just play at home? and ive never bought amps off ebay, is it pretty legit? Also what about Peavey Vypyrs? and lastly should i just be looking for a head or head and cab? since i have a cab already
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