I recently learned I'm Alright and I'm working on Melodia now. I love his style and I know I should have my own style when it comes to playing guitar, but I'm just wondering what would you guys say are the things that Neil Zaza's style is based around?
Never heard of him till now.

1st impressions...

Eric Johnson


regarding what you should or shouldn't do on guitar..... there is nothing wrong with learning to play songs that you haven't written yourself.

listen to , learn, play, and enjoy the music that inspires you. it won't take away from your ability to create your own original music. If anything it will add to this ability.
shred is gaudy music
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i suppose you listen to a lot of his music. You just study his music and learn what stuff he usually does.

That being said i dunno much about his style, in fact i only heard im alright. I think it's cool enough, but it doesn't really matter what people think. Its what you think! Also most people here are metal heads, so you arent gonna get a good variation of opinion xD.
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to learn more of his songs and maybe learn some new ideas to use in my own playing. xD
If you ever want to learn a players ideas its always best to transcribe their music. But taking a cursory listen it seems he seems to learn towards smooth jazz and "new age" instrumentals. Try checking out the "nature" and "ocean music" and such from your local home decorations stores, they usually have a little booth that lets you play snippets from the cds so you can get a little sample before you buy. hope this helps