Anyone has any idea or stuff to quickly find all the notes in the scale other than memorizing the scale? Some visual technique or fast math thing.
I don't feel like figuring it out by counting steps and half steps while playing.
You will get as much from your guitar as you put in! There's no 'quick and easy method'. Don't be lazy with guitar. Take it seriously and enjoy the learning process. You've got to be patient and stop looking for shortcuts...coz it will show in the long run. Maybe just reassess why on earth you want to learn to play the guitar at all. So don't expect many responses on your thread until you start to "feel like figuring it out"!
Either count steps or memorise them - there's no shortcut.
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Learn the scale so you understand it in terms of notes, steps and intervals - then you've got 3 ways of finding yourself around instead of just one. And get the sound of it ingrained in your head, so you can play the scale by ear, without having to consciously think of steps or note names. There's no short cuts though - it all takes time and effort. Sorry