I give up. It seems like I enjoy playing every single bass other than the one I own. I've been searching for a bass I actually will play on for about a year and I give up. It either feels horrible to play or rattles like no other. Either way my bass just sits there and never gets used. I don't have a huge budget but ive tried fender jazz and P basses, schecter, ibanez, epiphone and so on.
I just bought a schecter custom 4 and I love it to death but just like all the rest the E string rattles like no other. Its a string buzz that rattles against the neck because I play at sort of an angle. I've spent countless dollars adjusting, readjusting, new strings, so on and so forth.
Either the action is to high and feels horrible or it buzzes and drives me ****ing nuts.
I go to guitar center and play the unadjusted wall models with crappy stock strings and love them to death, but buy ones new and want to throw them at the wall.

I give up.........
get a setup by someone who knows they are doing or ship it to me
*lust list*
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if it was a technique issue then why wouldnt it buzz on every bass. I just dont like playing up close to the chest, I like it down at the waist and in order to have "proper technique" i have to go at an angle.
just buy a crappy wall model? you said they don't buzz on you. just buy the ones you like. seems simple to me
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its not uber low. I usually dont even play standing up since Im just practicing so its just on my knee but i keep my fingers straight and pluck down and connect my fingers to my thumb. I dont get how this can be a huge issue. so the height im just going to throw out since i havent plaed standing up in like 3 months
you know what never mind. I quit. Ill go sell my shit tomorrow and be done with it. I've had 3 or 4 bass teachers over the years and if technique was the problem someone would of said something. I had no problem rocking out a shitty squier, but unfortunately the tone sucks.

Im done
replace the pups in the squire?

edit: or maybe you like to play on dead strings? I've heard of bassists who l;ike that tone. IS it possible that you like the dead strings on crap wall models and your squire? Or do you change your string semi-regularly?
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i change the strings every month reguardless of quality of instrument. i like every sound my basses make except the E string which always rattles uncontrolably
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possibly a problem with the nut?
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That could be it, if the nut slot is cut poorly it could be causing buzzing. It's worth a try trying to fix if it keeps you from quitting bass
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yeah i can do that......i mean i absolutely love playing bass. there is just no point in owning basses I hate playing. Im just frustrated
I just made a discovery... i tried playing with a pick (for the first time) ad it makes the same damn rattle with so it cant be my finger technique
sounds like you need to raise the action.Thats what im thinking take it to a music store they will diagnose your problem.
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take a picture of your fretting hand.

and then set up your bass outside and see if it rattles.
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changing the action will take time to get used to, especially if you're raising it. it will feel unnatural at 1st.
Sounds to me like you're hitting the damn string too hard. When you pluck pull upwards and not into the body of the bass. Also, are they buzzing unplugged, or is it an audible buzz through the amp?
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That could be it, if the nut slot is cut poorly it could be causing buzzing. It's worth a try trying to fix if it keeps you from quitting bass


Schecter(or maybe Graph-Tec?) cuts their nuts a bit low for most people's tastes. Pull it off, stick a spacer of some sort in, and put it back on. This should fix the issue. I'm doing it to mine when I get the chance. It might be better to let a shop do it if you're unsure about it.
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