I was just thinking if you ever got a chance to meet the band what would you want to know about them? I always hear these radio and tv contests to meet your favorite bands and stuff but I always think what would I ask them if I ever got the chance? I heard Weezer on the radio recently and was trying to think what I'd ask them if I ever got to sit and talk but totally drawing a blank.

I was thinking like whats the craziest thing theyve ever done on tour? something like that..could be anything
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this guy speaks truth
Why did buckethead leave your band... wait thats guns n roses... hmm... have you ever met buckethead! oh and do any of you have asthma!(cause weezer get it HA HA!) (i dont like the band tho, im just tyring to give some ideas)
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I've never heard of it. But Ironically, my highschool sports teams were known as the Logan Berries.

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What happened to Rivers Cuomo after Pinkerton and who is the look alike who replaced him?