Last I heard is that James Hetfield gave them one of his guitars when they got to the US.

Does anyone know what's happening with them now, have they disbanded or something?
I just saw this a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing and truly inspirational.To answer your question, the band is still together, which I found out from the official site.To read what the band's blog, go to heavymetalinbaghdad.com, click on "The Band" near the top of the page, and the blog (and bio) is on that page.
Yeah, it's awesome - the dvd comes with the Heavy Metal in Instanbul follow up. I'd be depressed right now if they'd given up or are living in a gutter somewhere.

I'm wondering if they're working on an album or are signed to anything (and if they'll sound like Arkan).
they're working on an EP with Alex Skolnick producing it. you can listen to some song segments on amazon
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