it was a pretty good song..i don't know if i would really call this metal though. it took a long time to get 'heavy' and even then it was pretty mellow. but a good song none the less. your shredding could use a little bit of practice. it wasn't bad by any means it was better than i could do, but you could clean it up by practicing slower to a metronome and slowly building speed. i thought it ended fine, no need to fade out at the end.
Just noticing, the clean guitar sounds pretty out of tune at the beginning at some places. But I do like the clean intro other than that. Liking the solos behind the clean part. Then the heavy riff sounds pretty cool. I think you should prolong it a little more, maybe come up with a few more riffs, but the way it is now, it would sound good with you fading it out. Would you mind checking out a song or two for me?


Thanks man.
Yeah my solo was sloppy at parts. It was pretty hard but i knew exactly how i wanted it sound so i was glad to finally get it how i wanted. Took like 100 tries haha.

The beginning is a little out of tune i think. I think ill rerecord that and add more to the end.
Definitely out of tune in the beginning.

I wouldn't call it metal in the intro, but it's not bad by any means-though I don't feel like the intro really fits.
The heavy riffs are pretty badass though... if a bit fizzy sounding. Is there a bass track in there?
The solos are fairly sloppy.

I'd continue it.
Crit mine?
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Loving the Intro and 2nd guitar on top very effective and sounding very kool.

Not to sure about the heavy part of the song but love the first half of the song very relaxing and sounding aswome. Also like the solo in the second half of the song.

Feel free to crit one of our songs, were new to UG and only have one song up atm ...



Cya around