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Here's my first 2 compositions. I need feedbacks to improve myself please!
The song viking took me little over a week to do but I've worked a lot harder on the other one (which is not finished).

EDIT: I now finished the Dark prog metal song if anyone want to comment the ending!

(I'm sorry for the bad English)
compo 1 (dark prog) (1).gp5
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I gotta say in the first song you had some epic sounds leads. The solo sounded great and you had very evil sounding chords going on there. Although some of them seemed pretty difficult to play on actual guitar. The end for me was a tad abrupt but overall pretty sick song.

Viking has the sickest lead line from bars 34 to 41. Totally epic sounding. The intro acoustics sounded great too. The breakdown with the strings sounded awesome and the folk part was epic. Overall i think i enjoyed this song more than the first.

Great songs dude
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I really like these songs. Dissection comes to mind quite a bit and I think thats a worthy comparison to make Keep it up!
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