It's about my guitar, it's an Epiphone SG special black, i've had it just over a year, and the problem started about a week ago. When i plug it into my amp, it just doesn't produce sound sometimes, unless the cable is at a certain angle, sometimes i need to hold it directly vertical just to get some sound out of it, other times it doesn't make ANY sound whatsoever, i don't know what to do, i've tried tightening the nut where the jack is, it's a $20 AUS guitar cable, "Hot Line" so i doubt it's that, i've tried plugging it in without my pedal, it's not that, same problem, can someone shed some light on what to do or what is going on?

Could it be the wires inside? Because my friend (Plays the Bass) had it wires come off about 2 weeks ago, and we bought our instruments about at the same time.

Anyway; thanks in advance if you helped me, i really appreciate it.

PS: I would take it back to the music shop but it's 2 hours drive away, and i can't drive yet and i have no one to drive me.
It's definitely a possibility. In all honesty, the Epiphone SG is a poorly constructed guitar compared to other Epiphone products. I used to have one myself but it was riddled with tuning issues and it felt too light for my tastes.

I'd suggest taking it to a tech to look at it. He'll have a better idea of what is going on. Try changing the cord too. You never know.
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try a new cable. ive had that problem and it was the cable

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What it sounds like to me, is the wiring inside your guitar at the input jack has come loose. Take it to the guitar shop, and if they do repairs they will fix it for you for cheap, or free. Or if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, open up your guitar and give the contact points a quick solder.
It's not the cable, i have multiple cables, it's all the same, i'll have to take it back one week to get it looked at, i'm not going to solder it myself, when we tried soldering my friends bass we just made it worse but they did re solder his for free. Looks like i'm not going to be playing for a while, it was working fine like 20 mins before i posted, then it cut out again. (I was playing Laid to Rest lol.)
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I just opened the back, the wire have completely been snapped in half, i have no idea how that happened...

i know what did it now, it was my cable, i have one of those cables which bends like a right angle, and it doesn't plug in properly when in my guitar and twists, it turned it until it snapped, at least now i know to use the other end of my cable.

could i use anything to connect the half of the wire to the other like some tin foil? both sides of the wires are still full soldered on, there is just a gap between the wires.

on closer inspection i would need to cut the plastic coating from one of the wires, i think i'll just wait until i go get it fixed...
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If you feel up to it you can purchase a soldering iron and learn to solder. That's saved me a ton on cables over the years.
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The quickest way would be to strip the insulation on both the snapped ends of the wire and solder it together. In fact, if you do that, you could just twist them together. Some electrical insulation tape over the exposed bits will hold them together and prevent it from somehow shorting out. A shirk tube over the exposed bit would be a neater alternative to insulation tape.

The perfectionist way about it would be to get a soldering iron, some new wires and solder the wire to where the old wire was connected to the pot and the jack. If you go this route, you could also check the other wires for shoddy work at the same time.
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I stripped the insulation and i'm going to re-solder it tomorrow, thanks for your replies.