Check out my demo album

Not pro recordings but just to get an idea of what they will be. I am no singer so be aware on some of the song haha. Let me know what you think and if you have any comments or criticism.
I just listened to "Fight." Definitely liked it. Certainly better than anything I've ever recorded. I've also never taken the time to actually piece something together into an actual song, with drums and everything. So, if nothing else, I applaud your efforts. Thrash is just so damn fun, isn't it?

The beginning of it actually reminded me more of Pantera than Megadeth, but I actually don't listen to much Megadeth, so yeah. And I'll be sure to listen to more of the songs and have more to say later, but so far I'd say good job.
"What's for dinner?...You Are!" is where I see more clearly the Megadeth influence. Also makes me think of Metallica, but I guess that is kind of obvious. Nice long solo in there.

And if I had something to share I would, but my recordings as they exist now are more snippets of ideas than anything, and anyway, they aren't even on the internet. I should really do something about that.
I like "Whats for dinner?... You Are!" a lot. good solos, and i liked the rhythm work as well.

and like stated before "Fight" kinda has a Pantera vibe to it that I like a lot. This is definitely my kind of music! What kind of gear are you recording with? It doesnt sound too bad really.

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pretty good man. I listened to 2 songs and I have to say I like it. Keep pushing yourself too. There were some things you could play a little cleaner but overall it was good. Keep practicing and writing and you should be pretty damn good.

Check out my EP man. I think you'd enjoy it.
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Yo man checked out your band Siege of Augusta. You got some brutal riffs I'm loving it. I'm not a fan of that style of singing though, not saying your singer is bad just saying I like Megadeth style singing but it is still awesome man. Keep it up
Heard 3 songs...Militarea 51, Fight and What's for dinner?..You are!
Militarea 51is good.
Fight is a GREAT song, neat riff work there, kinda reminds me of Dimebag Darrell somehow..
The best was by far What's for dinner? especially with the really cool solo, I really liked it.
Will listen to the rest of your stuff soon, I need a bit of time


Check this out,my band's song. Simplistic but powerful riffs, reminds me of Judas Priest.
I did my best with the solo. Thanks