a couple days ago my Epi SG fell on the ground and the head stock split off from the neck, the only thing keeping it on was the trussrod. How should i fix it? Im not going to take it to a professional cause it only costed 300 to buy and i dont want to spend 100 to fix it. i already glued the head stock back to the body, and let it dry for 2 days. After puting the string on and tightening a second CRACK emerged. what should i do about that? it is very small and i was wondering ihow i should fix it.
I'd just super glue the crack in if it falls apart again. But beware that this isn't gonna last long. You're gonna start to have intonation problems soon if it's not fixed.
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Team Up
it cost 300 to buy, my reccommendation, buy a kit from somewhere, put some time into it and have a guitar for the same price thats at least 5 times better.

those kits are really surprisingly good.
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If you glued it what kind of glue did you use? Did you clamp it while drying? Its a pretty common break and not that hard to fix if done right. But now that your initial fix didnt work its gonna be more difficult to fix again properly.
Sorry to hear about your situation. This is a common problem with Gibson necks I lost 2 LP's in my day due to this and will never buy a Gibson again.

What kind of glue did you use? Titebond wood glue is the best for repairing broken necks and if clamped and glued right the wood around the glue will break before the glue joint. For little cracks/splits try to separate a little and put a little bead of wood glue over the crack try to rub some glue into the crack then use a compressor to lightly, and I stress lightly blow the glue into the crack, clamp, wipe down with wet cloth and let sit for 24 hours. If done right the neck should be stronger than before.
It happened to mine, I just took it to a guitar tech and he repaired it for $30, Its plays like nothing ever happened.