I've got a Schecter bloodmoon and a peice'o'shit 10watt amp atm.

I'm thinking of getting my self a Ibanez TBX150R.

I play mostly Metal, (like children of bodom, lamb of god.) some hardcore and occasional jazz (when jamming with a mate at skool.)

I'm also in a metal band and where about to start gigging, so I need something 80 - 150 watts.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

(my target price is $400 - $600 ).
we all know it takes a REAL man to hate some one BETTER THAN YOU
Man this websites activity has dropped down since I was last on...
we all know it takes a REAL man to hate some one BETTER THAN YOU
You waited 18 minutes before complaining? Really?
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I've got news for ya. Go to Guitarworld or guitarchaos's forums....you won't get answered for days. This site is amazing compared to those ones. I love it here

anyway.....there are a few cheap Ibanez half stacks that will do you justice. Also, Crate heads are awesome for your metal needs and they're pretty cheap, but I'm not a fan of their cabinets. Look for another cabinet.
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Team Up
yes I did the math... and get a Bugera 333xl... I have one, and I play a lot of heavy shit, and it works great for me.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
I would look for a used Peavey 5150 or 6505 combo. I think they are both 60 watts, which is plenty loud for a small metal show.

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