This band's supposedly been around for years but I've just now heard of em.

I don't know what genre they are. Their lyrics are Black Metal, in the sense that it's all "Hail Satan!" but it's kinda hard to understand anyway. Personally, I don't believe in all that Satanic stuff. But their music is pretty ****ing heavy. The breakdowns are just insane for moshing to.
The guitar is pretty nice, if you're into LOW-tuned guitars playing diminished and shit.

I suppose they're like Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore or anything else you can think of that has "Death" in the genre.

So, basically if you love heavy stuff, listen to this.

Bad Evil on MySpace

They've put in quite a bit of effort for a joke band
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So it's your music. Promote Your Band's thataway.

WEBBDIT: By the way, lrn2subtlehumour.
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Seems pretty ****ing dumb to do the whole first post in 3rd person, making assumptions and feigning ignorance, and then in your next post switch into first person, then in post 5 tell us you make yourself 'lol,' and then in post 7, feign ignorance yet again.
I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was going to be serious at first. Then as soon as I listened, I realized it was comedy. I laughed. Check out my band Pit O' Bodies, if your into the comedy metal. Musically, we're a little bit more serious than your band, but we're also highly experimental. There's a link in my sig, if you feel so inclined.
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
That was heaps good! So you guys are actually a band?

Basically, what we do is sit in the music rooms at school with acoustic guitars play horrible sounding shit just to get the feeling that we're playing music, and then I record that with my mp3 player.
Then I bring it home and whip up some magic on it with Audacity. And by magic I mean I have my guitar pitch shifted to Drop G# (to be "BR00TAL" LOL) and just play horrible, diminished scales as "metal-sounding" as possible. then I pitch shift the vocals down by 8 semitones, and add drums with a drum machine.

In all honesty, I think it sounds mad as far as music like that goes.