Anyone heard about this guy? He is the best bass player i have ever heard!! Look at his videos in youtube and tell me what you think He was the bass player of Braindrill but now hes doing solo EP. I love his 7 string... http://www.myspace.com/jeffhughellmusic
Metal is like a apple, no-one likes the core.
Listened to Black Label Bongo Thrash ... didnt like the beginning but later on it gets to be ok.

Actually, this did kinda turn me off from getting a seven string and tapping like this ... just not a sound i like much, you do have to respect that kind of skill though.

Tension is pretty good, liked that.
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"Yeah but when they built rome, they didnt go "hey look, there's a functional building" AND ****ING KICK IT OVER AND PISS ON THE ASHES BECAUSE THE PEASANTS WERE CRYING THAT IT WAS TOO GLORIOUS AND AWESOME."
Ye it doesnt sound good for me either but thats damn awesome playing tecnique.
Metal is like a apple, no-one likes the core.
I haven't listened to his compositions, but judging by the stuff he plays in Brain Drill, yes he has a great deal of technique but has a whole lot of NOTHING to do with it.

I'm listening to Black Label Bongo Thrash, atm, and I'm a bit more impressed now that I can hear what he's playing and that he has some groove parts. But I really hate it when people start bowing down to people like that guy from Origin or Hughell simply because they have some extremely fast parts.

That said, the song is a bit meh isn't that bad in terms of composition.
Haven't checked out Black Label Bongo Thrash, but that video on youtube with him and lord Marco, "I Came To Hate" was extremely impressive and had some really cool parts.