Hey guys,
Got myself a UX1 the other day and have had heaps of fun playing around with it =D
Recorded this earlier today however I only have an acoustic guitar to work with at the moment so the distortion doesn't translate perfectly.


No vocals as I'm not much of a singer but I do have lyrics in the works and I know the solo's week, I'm going to figure something better out later.
Any comments would be great, thanks! =D
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I loved your rhythm style on the acoustic strumming. very similar to mine. I also liked how it was a more thought out piece instead of just shredding from start to finish. I did think the transition between the soft part and the louder part was a bit sudden. great work none the less.
Needs a few more instruments and layers to make a tune IMO. Without vocals it also gets very repetitive. Looking forward to hearing it with added bass and drums.
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Nice, i really liked where you put the accents on the strums and softer, single note parts. it gave it a really nice feel. also the ending was great, how it added the drums. lyrics and vocals could really benefit this song though. without them, the beginning feels a little stretched out to me
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