After a long life of sitting in front of a monitor with a guitar on my lap, I've decided to quit my computer for a week. Problem is, life offline is a bit boring.

EVERYTHING is on my PC. The songs I write are on guitar pro exclusively, I've got no books except some scale/chord papers, all the lessons are on the net, and tabs for new songs to learn are on guitar pro too.

So, I've decided to print out everything I'll need for a week offline to work on my guitar. Any advice on what should I print and learn?

I'm just starting to solo out after 2 years of self taught experience and learning theory. I'm playing both electric and classical.

Any insights in what kind of stuff I should learn and how to create a schedule will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Just pick out three or four areas of your playing that you'd like to improve, whether it be soloing, improvisation, timing, theory etc. Get some exercises and then rotate the lessons whenever you feel like it. I'd suggest learning a song or two you like as well to maintain some interest and take a break from practice and just relax.

Playing with other people as well is also a great way to learn if that's a viable option.
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I've thought of Johnny B. Goode for soloing so far.

I want to make my alternate picking faster and more accurate, expand my rythm section on metal, learn harder chords and work on my tremolo picking (both classical and electric). Can anyone think of other songs that are challenging enough? Thanks!
i had the same idead as you , after 3 days i got extremely bored and turned my pc on
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if you want to learn some Solo technique learn to Play Run to the Hills or fear of the dark i found that the speed and the bends in each song helped me with my improvisation alot or just learn to blend into different scales thats always fun.
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Pick up the best song for you and try to look its tabs and other files that you think would be helpful to you. Then print it out so you can practice in offline mode. Try to concentrate to your songs before splitting into another one.

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Work out stuff for yourself.

Like scales, take the notes of a scale and learn all the notes and make your own boxes, i done that when i was bored.

Learn songs by ear, jam with songs through hifi or something.
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