I got a band and we made some crappy quality demons etc.

What should we do to get a record deal?

Ofc playing gigs might help if a lable has a guy there watching..

Other tips?
Sending our demo to them? etC?

ty for help :P
try to get better quality demons

no, but seriously, if we knew an easy way to get signed, we'd all be doing that Bottom line, get fans. lots of fans, then the record companies will come to you.
Get a book on music business and really think about what you want before looking for a deal, or you could get mightily screwed over.
sending your demo is the only way unless they catch wind of an amazing live show

But getting signed these days is very rare, hense the whole uprisal of Independent labels where the bands does there own management and organization

I also advice taking the independent route until the fateful day comes (if it ever comes)
last week i heard something about a website bands put their music on then people can sort of 'sponsor' the band to record an album and they get a bit of the money the album makes?

'buy a band' or something could that be the thing?

it sounded pretty good but havent tried searching for it...
Maybe take your time and enjoy playing? Getting signed isn't everything, especially these days. If you do want to get signed though, "crappy demos" might not be enough. So playing shows and using the internet is a good way to build up a good fanbase and get noticed. I'm only saying this because I was in a band and we ended up trying too hard, that it just stopped being fun, and we weren't playing for the reasons we started playing - to enjoy it.

Good luck though