i've searched but it was hard to find. i can't find lessons or columns about this either. are there any good exercises to increase the accuracy?
play a scale in 3, 4, and 5 note grouping. like for 3 note grouping you play the first 3 notes then start on the second note and play the next three and so on and so forth.
The newest guitar world has a 4 part article that is all about improving your alt picking with examples.

I couldn't find it on there web site but part 3 is in the newest mag.
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Try this. Use strict alternate picking.

   d u d u d u d u d u d u d u d u 

It's an A barre chord form with an added 3rd. You could do it in any key. Once you get the hang of that, start with an up stroke instead of a down. Then you could play each note twice before hitting the next note (starting with a down, and then starting with an up), then 3 times, and four times. Use a metronome and don't change the speed of the metronome, just sub-divide the notes. So for just one note, just do quarter notes, then each note twice, do eighth notes, then triplets, and then 16th notes.
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