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So we all know than most of the UG community play guitar, bass or drums, but what other instruments do you guys play, if any?

Besides guitar, I play the harmonica, baritone trumpet and the Jews Harp, if it counts! (:

So how about you guys? Thanks
I can D.J. and use turntables, idk if they qualify as a real or psuedo insturument, though..
Trombone, and I can find the notes on a piano...never spent the time to learn to really play it though. I used to be able to play Baritone since all the fingerings match specific slide postions on the trombone. If I relearned which fingerings were which I could pick that back up pretty quick.
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Tenor sax and clarinet! Wooohoo!
Buffet E13 Clarinet in Bb.
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kazoo. also used to play the recorder as a child
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Co-principle on classical violin. Beginner at keyboard/piano.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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flute, bits of piano, stuff like xylophone and a few other stuff
ass flute FTW

but don't take a crap that gives shitty sound (lawlawlawlawlawl pun)

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didgeridoo, piano, sax/tenor sax, clarinet, ukulele . . .

. . . and one mean recorder
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I've been playing the didgeridoo lately

isn't that like a real long lookin tube from australia? thats sweet

Only other real instrument i can play besides guitar and singing is keyboards, mostly shred keyboards
i play the searchbar.

i remember a thread exactly like this a few months ago. but oh well

anyway, besides guitar i play tenor saxophone
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It's okay because whatever, forever

Cos i'm cool.

Also, the fiddle & tin whistle.
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I played violin from the age of 6 but gave it up for classical guitar at 13. If I practised i could probably remember some of it.

I also play bodhran, piano and tin whistle. That's the order of competence as well. I only picked up the whistle a few weeks ago so I suck. I also know the basic position for double bass.
I started with flute at school 8 years ago, then switched to keyboard 1 year later, then finally to guitar 3 years ago. Never been serious with keyboard though, I just play a couple of simple stuffs every now and then.
i used to play the paino for 7 years,
i took up the Tenor Sax three years ago
guitar for three years
and clarinet for 3 years. i hate the clarinet though my school forces me to do it!
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youre right. i just checked the dvd i have agian and it is in D standard. i dont think Metallica has ever done a song in drop D, or drop C for that matter.

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didgeridoo, piano, sax/tenor sax, clarinet, ukulele . . .

. . . and one mean recorder

Didgeridoo = God.

Those things are mighty badass, my friend o:
Banjo, ukele, violin, bodhran, tin whistle, cello, piano, drums, bass, trumpet, sax and still no vocals
I'm a grade 4 Jazz pianist. And I occasionally hit up the bagpipes.
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I'm in Tri-M for Cello, been playing that too for about 9 years. It's nice to play classical inbetween my guitar jamming.
Damn, nice to see some DIDGE love in this thread. I am impressed by this community.

I can play this pitch pipe I have that came with my first guitar.
I actually suck at guitar...I've been playing for like 2.5 years but I don't play often. I've been playing the piano for over 14 years...I had lessons for 14 years. And I'm taking organ lessons as of this year, though I've been practicing a bit for the last two years or so.
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