Or is it?

I recently came across this guy on Youtube whose speciality is uncovering 'racist' imagery in mainstream media, in this case; two music videos and an advert for Dulux.

A fair effort you might say, except that the evidence used to back up his claims, the videos themselves, seems pretty tenuous at best, his main argument being that they seem to feature more white women than black women.

Here are the vids:




So, is this guy a tireless campaigner for racial equality, or just an idiot/troll?
That title is much better if you read it in Cleveland Brown's voice. And somewhat relevant.
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That title is much better if you read it in Cleveland Brown's voice. And somewhat relevant.

If you WANT to be discriminated, you will be discriminated. There's a lot less racism if you're not looking for it under a telescope.
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He's an idiot.

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damn niggaz/whiteys/calculators (thats right last 1 is about asians) always thinking were discriminating them.
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I find the topic of racism often brings up bigoted responses. Especially from black people.
i agree its a factor why my country is kinda fkd up now
racial politics just ruining everything and effecting everyone in my country

Nigga Pleez, there hasnt been a good music video since Dr.Dre.

but srsly every single new "rap" (or new way to mlk money) video is the same.
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Racism promotes diversity.

It's the most extreme form of showing that you and I are different.
What an idiot. The first one was ridiculous, they porbably just prefer white women.

The second one, the white girl was maybe the better dancer (ololol reverse stereotype)

The third one, they probably just chose the best actors.

I know I'm probably feeding the troll here, but come on!
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I'd say he's racist if he has a problem with white dancers.