I needed strap locks, and i couldnt buy any so i did this. got some horrible picks (big ones) put a hole in them, took my strap holders off and put it where it needs to be. I think it works pretty good.
it's safe only if you use condoms


well I think we can't really judge about such things without seeing it
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I thought the "clean" button was to clean out the inside of the amp automatically, so I never pressed it.

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pedals are stupid
Put up a picture or two. That will help me determine how safe it is.
How thick are the picks, anyways?
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Sounds like a good idea, unless the strap holder pulls out of the guitar


Ill see if i can get pictures up, but it looks pretty structurally sound to me.

lol yea metal would have been better but i didnt have any washers laying around so i figured what the hell couldnt hurt.

Even if the pick breaks the button will still be there to hold it.
doesnt sound too safe. maybe find something similar in weight to your guitar that isnt fragile, and test the idea on that. put tension and all on, do a few tests to be safe. i wouldnt do this. try a hardware store and find some more durable and reliable ways to hold on your strap.

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