I really do believe in myself in terms of song writing ability. And I dont mean that to sound big headed.

Anyway, I cant seem to find any inspiration to write even some chords. I recently made a band, and trying to write some songs for it. I know what I would like my band to sound like, but I just cant seem to write anything!

Any tips on coming up with some inspiration and ideas?
write what sounds good, thats your sound. i realized this two years ago and its made things a lot easier for me.
I am, just cant seem to come up with anything, either nothing at all comes to mind, or I end up playing something/chords that I have heard before.
I'm don't lacking in inspiration, but it's very hard to write a song for me.

1. I'm really feeling nervous, when I'm playing. My mother wanted me to do everything perfect, and she came really upset, when I did something wrong...
2. ...also she's forcing me to the IT career, althrought I'm not as talented as she thinks. Currently I'm not interested in it.
3. Because of these, I have several mental diseases (maybe borderline, sociophobia), depend on others. I really fear about going insane.

Saamon: I watch a lot of anime, read crazy blogs, watching TV (mostly news), living my life, etc. Then the ideas come from the nothing. I started to wrote songs about codependency, discrimination, planning about leaving home, loneliness, small sects...