Looking to upgrade my amp. I play mostly metallica, guns n roses, megadeth..im also looking for some nice cleans and I thought about a tube amp. Any suggestions?? Looking for an amp around $400 that's not gonna be used for gigs, just in the house.
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that peavey looks interesting, tho i've heard they have bad speakers...
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If you have effects pedals already...go for the Blackstar.

If you need effects, go for the Vypyr.
Vox VT30 would do, too. VT50 is good if you want to gig sometime later.
Very versatile and cheap.
the Peavey and Blackstar are both good amps
and though it's not the best, the speaker in the Vypyr isn't as bad as some people make it out to be
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Thanks for the suggestions
The Peavey seems like a good one..or at least it does on youtube
Don't trust Youtube videos at all. They could have bad mice, good mice, and sound can be retooled. Go play them yourself. I suggest the Blackstar or a Vox AC4 myself.

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How about a bugera V5? I've never played one myself but I hear good things, plus they're piss cheap.
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Quote by RocknRollRay
that peavey looks interesting, tho i've heard they have bad speakers...

not bad, just not Celestions