Digitech HardWire Stereo Reverb

I've heard whisperings that there is significant volume loss at the 2 'o' Clock position. Is this a fatal flaw, or can you just counter it by upping the volume on your guitar/amp? Is there another pedal that will have a similar reverse reverb effect, as from what I have heard on youtube, it is gorgeous.

Thanks in advance for any help, guys.
I've yet to play this pedal, but the other hardwire pedals are pretty good imo....but the best thing to do is try it out for yourself and see what you think. Its hard to base an opinion off a youtube video anyway
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loads of reverbs have a volume drop on higher settings, and i've yet to find a reverse reverb that doesn't have a volume drop. it's the nature of these things haha.
the hardwire reverb does the best reverse i've heard in a pedal format. the best ever is the 'early reflections' sound on the yamaha spx90. other reverse reverb pedals include the ehx cathedral stereo reverb, digitech digi verb, digitech xp-400, yamaha magic stomp

Would you say, bang for buck, that the hardwire is one of the better ones, then? It's pretty expensive I recall, but the sound seems pretty great.
Cheers for putting my mind at ease, I will make sure to try it instore before buying.
The Best reverb pedal i've heard Is the Tonebug from T-rex If you can live with reverse it's a must.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow