what pickup combo could I use to get really clean warm jazz tones and some clear defined distorted tones? I mostly want it to be clear and not buzzy. I have a mahogany body bolt-on neck. I use various fender amps as well as a rg100es, when i crank it haha. Also I use a MD-2 mega distortion, cool cat Fuzz, cool cat drive, GE-7, Crybaby Wah, and a Whammy 4. As I stated before I want clear defined jazz tones especially the neck and a clear distorted tone. And I almost forgot they need to fit 2 HUMBUCKER SLOTS. Thanks! if you can help. ask if you want in any more info I'll be glad to fill you in.
try a emg 81 and 60, they are both active, but they can do nice distortions and really good cleans if you use the amp and volume knob right
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What's your budget
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