I'm 18 and I've been playing for about 3months I think(maybe a little more),
but something keeps pissing me off.

Each time that I learn to play a chord with my pinky like G-chord or C7,it takes me ages to learn and when I learn it,I can't play it after a while.

Is there a way I could learn to play chords with my pinky and with the same accuracy as all my other fingers?
practice practice practice

nothing else
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Yes that's normal but I mean is there any particular way I could gain more accuracy and strenght in my pinky?

Or just learn all the chords with my pinky?
Quote by FlyingStar
Yes that's normal but I mean is there any particular way I could gain more accuracy and strenght in my pinky?

Or just learn all the chords with my pinky?

No there is no other way, just keep practicing and making sure you're always playing accurately.
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"Practice makes perfect" that's all you can do - practice. maybe some vitamins for the strength - lol - .
I would imagine some spider exercises for finger strength and independence would help. Even though that's more like learning scales, you'd be developing control and strength in your pinky which would help in your chording too. I'm hoping it does for me.

Here's some things I've found, as a fellow n00b, trying to break the tedium of strictly technical practice...I'm old...and have no delusions about being a virtuoso...I just want to play some stuff and enjoy myself.

Tangerine by Led Zeppelin is a nice way to use your pinky on an Am chord as well as practicing D, G, and C.

Liberal use of the pinky in the chord progression for Neil Young's Cortez the Killer is great. You can throw it in on all 3 chords in there. Also a lot of Neil Young is nice for strumming and learning open chords: Heart of Gold, Like A Hurricane (there's an F in there), Old Man, Ohio (good Dm practice there).

Start throwing in some Barre chords like F, and Bm as those are patterns that make use of the pinky. David Bowie's Space Oddity is great for practicing those.

Find tab for guitar licks that you like and then try to find alternate fingerings for it that make use of your pinky. For me, the electric version of the intro to Hallowed Be Thy Name is great pinky excercise if I play it all based on fret 11 (you can even get some hammeron/pulloffs action in there if you want).
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Don't worry its normal - your pinky isn't used to having to work on its own. The more you use it, the stronger it will get, and the more control over it you'll get. Just keep working on it and it will catch up with your other fingers.
Practice, practice, practice, . . . and do some exercises. My violin teacher got me doing pinkie exercises several years ago (although this was for my bow hand and not my fingering hand. My pinkie was to weak to control the bow). One thing he told me to do was do push-ups with your pinkie on the edge of a table or on a pencil while holding it with your other fingers (or bow, if you happen to have one, using the bow as weight hinged on your thumb). He also suggested using a piano and doing tremolo with the pinkie and ring finger. Those really helped me build strength. Maybe that helps?
yes theres a way to increase the strength of the pinky, that is -- do some stretches ,finger warm up exercise,and concentrate on ur pinky, and u can even practice with moving pinky without hitting any string, coz on that exercise you dont need to hear tone,u need to move ur lazy pinky. just hit ur pinky on the fret board often and often , after a while u will able to play chords with more accuracy for sure . hope it helps
Just force yourself to use your pinky, this riff really helped me (its from "ill see the light tonight" from Yngwie Malmsteen) he plays it very fast, but you can start slow and build from there as your pinky gets stronger

played on the high E string:

Actually what I do is:


Or sometimes I replace 1-2-3-4 by 4-3-2-1 when I go back.
Good excercise you think?
Just keep playing it like everyone else has said. Try and visualise your fingers going into the shape and make sure that each individual finger is getting to it's desired fret via the least amount of distance/movement possible. This will force you to play accurately and with small movements which will make you more fluid.

Anyway, you think this is hard, try putting all fingers and thumb on one hand on a piano and doing finger independence exercises. I did this today and it's hell - trying to hold down the note for the right duration and play in time is proper hard.