hey there,

2 weeks ago i bought a shine RR shaped guitar, white with black pinstripes and gold hardware, last week i was visiting my younger brother in the cancer ward at the RVI hospital and i was playing my guitar wen in walked Franz Ferdinand!!!! who were doing a gig that night in newcastle. so obv i got the badn to sign my gutiar. and i got into the gig for free woop!!
and my parents have a trip to florida planned for wen my brother gets better( hopefully) and thought that selling the guitar would get me some needed cash for the trip. i duno how much i should ask fo though lol. i dont do this usualy, so im gona ask for £500.
the guitar was £230 2 weeks ago brand new. there was a pic taken of me with the band, my brother and my guitar and this is all the proof i have of the band signing it, however it wasnt taken on my camera so im waiting to recieve a copy i can scan.

the guitar is basswood body with a maple set in neck. it has EMG-HZ open humbuckers, 1 vol and 1 tone knob. it has a 3 way toggle swith and a fixed bridge, all hardware is gold however the gold has worn off in on the bridge(were i palm mute) and the volume knob. ive been told this happens alot with gold hardware.

the guitar has a fairly fast neck with great playability. its a very light guitar but has a great thick sound to it. its sold with an origonal gigbag and strap.

i only hav these 2 pics atm and im sorry for poor quality


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This is all in good will, and all. But a £230 guitar isn't gonna be £500 for franz ferdinands signature. People tend to want less for signed things. Unless it's Elvis or the Beatles.
Nice guitar though.
Good luck
yeh a RR with FF signature will decrease the value.... well a guitar with any signature will decrease the value, people will just go out and buy one, take it to a gig wait outside the tourbus and get the guys to sign it. its cheaper ... but yeh i would lower your asking price ...
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