Which is better? I don’t have much experience trying out many different pedals and multi effect pedals to know if the multi effect pedals are worth the 300+. Are they really worth it, I mean do they replicate the sound of say a ds-2 distortion good enough or would adding separate pedals for each effect be the better route? I myself am leaning toward the multi just so I have alot to experiment with, but are these things crap or are they actually good at reproducing the sound of what their supposed to emulate?
Its usually best to go with multiple pedals....because on the multi fx units, you may like the chorus, but not the delay or the flanger....with pedals you can get just what you like.

That being said, I just sold a majority of my pedals to get a TC Electronic G-major effects unit and I love it. Its all personal preference really (like most gear is). Just try out the multi fx units before you buy it...if you like the effects, then go that route. If not, then start shopping for individual pedals that suit your needs better.
Some multi effects are REALLY good, like the old boss ones, or that really new boss one.
But I always prefect single effects, you know what you got, what settings to do, and can switch on and off whenever necessary, which makes like easier really.
I sold my multi effects pedal because it was a pain when performing. If I was switching effects mid song, I had to program the change in effect next to each other... there was constantly shuffling through sounds.

Now I have 12 or so individual pedals, I get exactly what I want out of them... and effect changes are as simple as a button press (especially after i get one of these: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Carl-Martin-Combinator-2-Effects-Switching-Pedal?sku=153116 )
Depends what you are after, if your only looking for a couple of effects go for single pedals but if you are looking a lot of tonal control and alteration look into an ME pedal. When you get into higher end ME pedals (like Pod XT) the start becoming more like pre amps than pedals. Right now I'm running a Pod X3 into the power section of a Krank rev Jr. and it sounds pretty kick ass.

If you're looking into pedals for the first time a low end ME pedal might be a good thing to look into just to get an idea as to what different kinds of pedals do. You can probably find a semi decent ME pedal for the price of one good pedal. I know last years digitech ME pedals are pretty much on sale everywhere righ now, I think you can grab an RP250 for about $150 and that has quite a few effects and amp models on it. The one major drawback with most ME pedals though is you can only have one effect at a time (i.e. chorus or flanger but not both).
if you dont know exactly what pedals you want though, the multieffects could be good.

just make sure you get a good one and not a crap one.

lots of multieffects have 1 zillion channels/presets on them, so they're good for cover bands and people that use a wide range of stuff.

edit: ^ funny you should mention an rp250, cause i have one im trying to sell
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i was in this same dillema a while back
what i did was went on craigslist on found a boss ME-50 for 150
couldn't be happier.
If you want your tone to be really good, then go with single pedals..preferably all analog. Most of the multi-effects out there have like millions of effects in them and the majority of those sound like crap and there is a chance you will never use about 50% of those.
I know this is know help but thanks for the question, cause i was thinking of buying an ME-70
Buying pedals can end up being pretty costly, however as mentioned you have complete tonal control over each individual sound, and don't end up hating half of what your multi-effects board does. I'd check out the TC Electronics Nova System for guitar
nice comments actually
i'll have to say the same if you are new to effects go withMulti FX pedals those a re good for experimenting.
otherwise if you need a distrotion or something, grab a single pedal

if going with MFX i'll say buy Digitech! those are awesome.. the RP 250's generation is cool (150/250/350) all metal and so.. ive got the 250 and im soon upgrading it to the 255 or 355
and you can get a 255 for 150 buxor the 250 for 130 or something! awesome deal!!!
line 6 pod live possibly as well... i just see boss and digitech mfx here.
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